MINDfulness for beginners

This interactive 4-session course is for anyone who wants to learn about mindfulness or deepen their existing practice. Sessions are an hour long and held over a consecutive 4-week period. Learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home how to bring mindfulness into your daily life and establish a regular practice. This course is a great way to get going, have your questions answered and experience the many proven benefits of mindfulness, which include how to:  

  • Decrease stress & anxiety
  • Switch on the body's natural calming system 
  • Settle emotional reactivity
  • Reduce overthinking
  • Improve mood
  • Cultivate more happiness & a deeper sense of wellbeing in your life
Zen Stones
How the online courses work

Sessions will be conducted LIVE via Zoom.

You will have opportunities to share your experiences and ask questions as we go using the live chat function.   

You will be linked to guided audios and encouraged to practice with these for 10-15 minutes daily. 

Reading material will be provided each week to support your learning.

There are no courses currently scheduled. New dates coming soon!
Contact us with any questions!