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These four individual 1:1 sessions introduce those new to mindfulness to the core principles of the practice while offering specific support on how to work with any challenges you may be facing presently.


Each hour long session has a specific focus and accompanying guided audio to support you to establish an on-going daily practice.  If you are wanting transformation at a core level, these life enhancing skills will develop in you the ability to meet everything life brings with more balance, clarity and wise action.


Reach out today and find out how you can:

  • Decrease stress & anxiety
  • Switch on the body's natural calming system 
  • Settle emotional reactivity
  • Reduce overthinking
  • Improve mood
  • Cultivate more happiness & a deeper sense of wellbeing in your life

Neave charges on a sliding scale and invites people to pay what they can afford between the range of $70 -$120 per one hour session. These sessions can be online or in person at Neave's office in Governors Bay.

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