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What we do

MindWise provides high quality, evidence-based mindfulness training for individuals, organisations and families. We teach practices that allow people to cultivate inner resources to optimise wellbeing and success in their lives at home and work. 

Our programmes offer practical skills and strategies that are backed by the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, and informed by age-old contemplative practices. We focus on providing participants with the necessary space, time and experience to develop sustainable mindfulness practices that offer meaningful and ongoing transformation. 



Public Courses

We regularly run introductory courses as well as the 8-week internationally-recognised MBSR course. We also run full-day retreats.

Workplace Training

We have a range of offerings customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation including taster sessions, in-depth courses and mindful leadership training to cultivate focus, self awareness and resilience.

Mindful Parenting

Monthly seminars for parents, caregivers and educators and 1:1 parent coaching sessions.

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