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MBSR PLUS course

This course is open to anyone that has completed an  8-week MBSR program and wishes to keep deepening their understanding and ability to live the MBSR principles on a daily basis.


During our time together we will utilise a range of mindfulness-based practices and reflective inquiry that  enable us to strengthen present moment awareness, connect more fully with our inner authority and live with more aliveness and confidence. The aim of the course is to bring people together to support ourselves and each other to move through all that blocks us from living from a place of natural spontaneity and authenticity.


If you found the initial MBSR course inspiring then come and join with other like-minded people who wish to keep their mindfulness journey going and their practice strong.

PLUS will now run live online via Zoom. Sessions are held every Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30 pm with the last session being held on 23rd June.

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