Unbound Awareness

This group is for anyone who has completed the 8-week MBSR program and wishes to keep exploring and deepening their practice.

in person & via zoom options available

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The aim of this group is to keep expanding and strengthening our capacity to sit in and as open awareness itself. This focus supports us to recognise and strengthen our ability to keep returning to the space of unchanging and unbound awareness that we are and that witnesses all that is experienced.


In this process of returning over and over to the place of awareness itself we encounter the play of the bodymind and our patterned ways of viewing ourselves and our lives which bind and limit us in so many ways. It is through this seeing we have the opportunity to free ourselves into the wider and wiser state of Presence.


This group gathers at Neave’s home in Governors Bay. There is also the option to join online via zoom. Cost is $10 pp. Bookings are essential.

For more information about the group contact Neave at

To enquire about sharing a ride over the hill contact Kelsy at