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introduction to Mindful Eating


4-week course

Facilitated by Neave Ross-Wallace - Qualified MB-EAT Instructor, M.E.T.I.

Benefits include:
  • Reduction of emotional eating by understanding what triggers us to eat in a reactive and compulsive way and learning how to catch this before it takes us over.

  • Reduction of mindless eating by becoming more aware of our full experience while eating which in turn brings us back in touch with the wisdom of our body and our innate knowing regarding what really nourishes and satisfies us.

  • Learning to feel good about ourselves and our body by working with the thinking patterns that make us feel guilty or just not good enough and replacing this with ways of being that support both psychological and physical health and wellbeing.

Please note this course is designed to address over eating and binge eating and is not suitable for people challenged by under eating or anorexia nervosa.

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In offering this  introductory course I am delighted to bring together my experience as a Gestalt therapist and mindfulness practitioner of 25 years coupled with my training as a qualified facilitator of the world-renowned research based MB-EAT  program designed by Dr Jean Kristeller.


I believe that the challenges many of us face with regard to food and body image are multi-faceted and that practicing mindful eating is a very real and useful way to bring clarity and balance to ourselves and our eating patterns. My own journey with mindful eating has seen me go from someone who every day felt confused about food intake and was continuously dissatisfied with my weight to now being able to choose and eat food in a way that is simple and clear and keeps me both healthy and balanced. What I have discovered for myself is that mindful eating is not a quick fix and that it has the ability to transform and heal our relationship to food and how we feel about ourselves. Years ago I would never have believed that this would be possible – and yet I now know it is and I would love to share this knowledge with you.

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