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It was amazing and so worth doing.... It's so much bigger than stress reduction; it should be called  "miracles through mindfulness".

C.C., School Teacher

Thank you so much my whole life is better now because of this experience.

T.M., ECE Teacher

  A really peaceful way to re-evaluate your life and find a more purposeful or satisfying way to ‘be’.

C. W., Nurse

  Mindfulness has been a huge influence on my ability to cope with pain. It hasn't taken the pain away, but I see myself as a "brain electrician".  I am re-wiring my brain to cope with pain and Mindfulness is a tool I have found that works for me.

L.W., Registered Nurse

I never thought it would be possible for me to be this happy. Mindfulness gave me a technique and teaching about how our brains work, and the space to use that non-judgmentally and with compassion towards myself.

K.H., Educator

I've got a great deal from the course and it has changed the way I operate.

T.S., Research Scientist & Resource Management Consultant

Really supportive and accepting of where people were, created a safe group dynamic, very clear and warm facilitation.

R.L., General Practitioner

Valuable in so many ways! Teaches you about how to really take care of yourself and be in the moment.

H.B., Mum & Registered Nurse

Great introduction to mindfulness practice. Instructors walk their talk and are very supportive and encouraging.

M.C., Corporate Trainer

  Real, practical ways of awakening to our life, ourselves, our potential and our relationships.

S.G., Student of Mindfulness

Life changing; hugely helpful in reducing stress; enables you to take more pleasure in life....

If you are thinking about going back on anti-depressants try this first.

S.S., Vet Surgeon

The best thing I have done. More people should do this. I think it's good to do a refresher once a year.

C.V., Private Wealth Associate

This has been an incredible opportunity with a lovely bunch of people. 

S.H., School Teacher

An excellent, practical introduction to mindfulness, both directed and guided professionally, yet self-guided at the same time.

C.T., Personal Development Coach

  A great programme to learn about yourself and grow as a person. Excellent for dealing with stress and working through pain.

S.W., Mother of 2

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