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Cultivating the ability to be
Mind Wise & Heart Free


 MindWise offers courses, retreats, individual sessions and meditation groups that are a blend of evidence-based mindfulness programs combined with wisdom teachings from the traditions of Insight Meditation and Advaita practices.    

Our focus is on training people to firstly embed the fundamentals of mindful meditation into a daily home practice and secondly to strengthen that practice so that it becomes a invaluable tool throughout your life.

 Over the past 8 years we have had the great pleasure to meet and train over 1500  people and we would like to invite you to come and experience for yourself how mindful meditation can: 

  • Declutter the mind and bring clarity to any situation
  • Decrease the symptoms of stress, depression & anxiety
  • Switch on the body's rest & repair system 
  • Settle emotional reactivity
  • Reduce overthinking
  • Decrease the experience of chronic pain
  • Improve mood & sleep patterns
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing
  • Release you into the wider, wiser space Being


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8 week deep-dive into 

mindfulness for those who are wanting to transform their life


Four  x 1:1 individual sessions to introduce people to the core principles of the mindfulness

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Fortnightly group for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of mindful meditation


Weekend retreats guiding you through practices designed

 to calm body, mind & emotions


Taster sessions offer a basic intro to mindfulness theory and practice for your group


Mindfulness practice offerings to bring a range of proven benefits to your staff or colleagues


Highly personalised sessons to develop the skills of mindful meditation to meet all of life's challenges with clarity & strength


Empowering parents to step into their own knowing regarding their child and how best to support and guide them in any moment.


Professional  supervision to strengthen people's capacity to face and move through challenges in the workplace.  




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