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Cultivating the ability to be
Mind Wise & Heart Free



MindWise  offers courses, weekend and day retreats and a twice monthly meditation group to anyone interested in learning mindful meditation.


In all our offerings the focus is on how to grow the capacity to meet all of life from a place of spacious awareness, rather than being overwhelmed by our experiences.


As we take on the formal practices and begin to notice and drop our automatic reactive patterned ways of dealing with life, we begin to become established in the Heart of Awareness.


This brings us back to our core nature as the free and open witness of all that we experience. The experience of this state is one of deep peace, uncaused contentment and a loving appreciation for all of life.


If this feels interesting or compelling to you, we warmly invite you to connect with us for further information or to book one of our offerings.  



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8 week deep-dive into 

mindfulness for those who are wanting to transform their life

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Twice monthly group for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of mindful meditation


Weekend & day retreats guiding you through practices designed

 to return you to the Heart of Awareness



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