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These individual sessions are designed to support parents and caregivers who are raising children from birth through to young adulthood. The focus is on how to build a mutually respectful relationship between parents and their children that empowers the parent to step into their own knowing regarding their child and how best to support and guide them in any moment.

During the sessions we look at how to understand your child’s behaviour as a form of communication and specifically look at how to approach difficulties and challenges in ways that support both the child and parent to move forward and find solutions together. These are the skills that prepare children and teenagers for their adult life to come.

Cost for a one hour session is on a sliding scale from $50 -  $120 depending on your income and payment plans are also available.

Sessions are held in Governors Bay or via zoom or skype


"The mentoring sessions are so helpful. Sometimes I don't know exactly what I am going to bring up but as we talk I get to see what is happening in our family and what it is I want to focus on next".

"Immediately on meeting Neave I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed.  Neave is always warm, welcoming and nurturing and she sees each child as unique and has a true understanding of their needs".

"I can certainly vouch for Neave's incredible experience, wisdom, and compassion when it comes to nurturing parent-child relationships".


"Neave's approach is one of empowerment. Rather than advice-giving or directing parents to particular techniques, she sets up a safe atmosphere in which to explore issues and possible solutions".  - Mother of two children

"I approached Neave for support and guidance on the topic of sibling rivalry and after just a few minutes talking I quickly realised that it was a much bigger, more meaningful conversation we were having than just how to stop my children fighting". - Parent of 5 & 2 year old children

"It's just so good and helpful to be able to say everything that is happening and by the end of the session I know where I want to be heading and how I can get there - thank you Neave".  - Parent of 8 & 12 year old children

"I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after our first session and that I am not on my own as a parent".  - Parent of 2 teenagers

"Neave's approach with children is warm, deeply respectful, creative and fun".

Contact Neave for further information or to book a session.

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